AIS-2018 conference

The VI International conference «Atmosphere, ionosphere, safety» is the sixth event of the organized sequel. And again we are meeting at the same place, where previous five conferences AIS (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016) took place. It is not an accident. The place that we have chosen for this conference, have admired the participants of AIS. Frankly speaking, this is not the only reason, but the convenience for the organizers is evident. We are pretty sure that even those who visited us once would wish to update their good impressions on these absolutely wonderful places. But still we are here are not (only) for our amusement. Simply, these peaceful landscapes and the sand of the Baltic sea shore promote hot discussions on the central problems of atmospheric physics and chemistry. We believe that the problems that will be considered here will be of central interests in the very near future, especially in view of forthcoming anomalous Sun and meteoritic activities (this will be the Safety part of this Conference).

The present meeting is devoted to:

  1. Analysis of the atmosphere-ionosphere response on natural and man-made processes, the reasons of occurrence of the various accompanying geophysical phenomena, and an estimation of possible consequences of their influence on the person and technological systems;
  2. Study of the monitoring possibility and search of the ways for the risk level decrease. Discussion of the physical and chemical processes accompanying the observable geophysical phenomena is supposed.

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